Hear DRAGONFORCE's speed-metal cover of TAYLOR SWIFT's "Wildest Dreams" | Revolver

Hear DRAGONFORCE's speed-metal cover of TAYLOR SWIFT's "Wildest Dreams"

"DragonForce's Version"

DragonForce know how to have fun. The speed-metal guitar athletes recently played their iconic suite, "Through the Fire and Flames," on a fucking waterslide, and for the last few months, they've been pulling out a Taylor Swift cover on tour. 

In late 2023, the band started busting out a super-charged metal version of Swift's song "Wildest Dreams" (from 2014's 1989) at their live shows, and one time they even invited Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz to join them for the cover. 

Today (February 15th), Dragonforce have shared an official recorded take of "Wildest Dreams," hilariously dubbed "Wildest Dreams (DragonForce's Version)" as a play on Swift's series of "Taylor's Version" re-recordings. 

The song basically sounds like DragonForce — extremely fast and filled with blazing guitar heroics — except the melody carries the indelible sweetness of a Swift-ian pop song. 

Check it out above via YouTube. 

"Wildest Dreams" is a bonus track that will be included on DragonForce's upcoming album Warp Speed Warriors, out March 15th via Napalm. Pre-order here.