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Hear Drug Church's Catchy New Songs "Million Miles of Fun" and "Detective Lieutenant"

From grungey post-hardcore band's upcoming fourth album 'Hygiene'

We've teamed with Drug Church for an exclusive "blood red and black splatter" colored vinyl variant of their new album Hygiene — limited to just 300 copies. Order yours before they're gone!

Drug Church fans rejoice. The modern masters of blending post-hardcore and grunge have announced that their long-awaited fourth album, Hygiene, will be released March 11th via Pure Noise Records, and today (November 10th) they're previewing it with two new singles. 

The album follows Drug Church's 2018 record, Cheer, which saw the band fronted by Self Defense Family singer Patrick Kindlon lean harder into their grunge influences while Kindlon delivered some of his most biting and provocative social commentary yet. Earlier this year, they dropped a quick and great seven-inch called Tawny, and the two songs we're hearing from Hygiene sound like the next logical step in their trajectory. 

Both of them feature some of the shiniest and catchiest songwriting moves they've ever put to track — particularly the huge, blinking riff in "Million Miles of Fun" and the steely, new-wavey guitar tones on "Detective Lieutenant." The band are operating a far cry from the Quicksand and Seaweed worship of their early material, but with Kindlon's unique, atonal gravel at the helm, there's no mistaking these songs for any other band.

Crank them above and below via YouTube and peep the Hygiene artwork and tracklisting below. Revolver has an exclusive vinyl variant of the record on "blood red and black splatter" wax that's limited to just 300 copies worldwide. Order yours before they're gone! 

Drug Church Hygiene 1018x1018

Hygiene tracklist:
"Fun's Over"
"Super Saturated
"Million Miles of Fun"
"Detective Lieutenant"
"World Impact"
"Premium Offer"
"Piss & Quiet"
"Athlete on Bench"