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Hear Echo Beds Channel Classic Ministry on Gritty New Song "Carved in Stone"

Dance-able industrial mammoth lands with acid-damaged DIY video

DIY is a word that is thrown around in such a cavalier fashion, which makes some sense considering the state of the music industry nowadays. But when a band creates an artistic and compelling video for less money than a pair of shoes, then the term DIY is cast in a completely different light. Enter industrial duo Echo Beds and their new visual for "Carved in Stone," which was directed by Tom Nelson and makes its debut here today. Keith Curts of Echo Beds describes the process as such: "Tom came to the table with the vision and then we started brainstorming as to how we could pull it off on a shoestring budget. We set up like a live show in our friend's garage, built giant walls made of taped together trash bags around us, borrowed a projector and played the song repeatedly at show volume while projections cast the light over us. The whole thing cost about $100." Check out the video above and decide whether the band got its money's worth for yourself.

As far as the song is concerned, there is no question that "Carved in Stone" is a monster. With a grating, high-pitched guitar sample as the backdrop, the entire track — a standout cut off the group's forthcoming Buried Language LP — is held together by a booming industrial drum beat and an ominous goth bass line. It slithers like Downward Spiral–era Nine Inch Nails and snarls like Land of Rape and Honey–era Ministry, the whole while thumping with a noise-drenched melody that will keep you on that repeat button.

You can pre-order your copy of Buried Language, which is due in August, via The Flenser.

Echo Beds tour dates:
August 14  Omana, NE @ Pop 20
August 15  Rapid City, SD @ Nameless Cave
August 17  Minneapolis, MN @ Novo Fest
August 19  Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
August 20  Kansas City, MO @ Roller Dog
August 21  Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge