Hear Evanescence's Defiant New Song "Better Without You" | Revolver

Hear Evanescence's Defiant New Song "Better Without You"

Amy Lee and Co. offer up fifth single off 'The Bitter Truth'

Evanescence are just three weeks away from the release of The Bitter Truth, their first full-length of original material in 10 years. Amy Lee and Co. continued the countdown today (March 5th) by dropping yet another single from the album (the fifth so far), "Better Without You," a biting, anthemic fuck-you to the forces that have attempted to hold her back.

Evanescence announced The Bitter Truth back in April 2020 along with their plan to release it "one piece at a time." Lee commented at the time: "As far as business is concerned, this is considered a terrible time to release. But we believe that people need music now more than ever. We do, and we're not going to wait to share it because who knows what tomorrow brings. Who knows if it even comes? This is who we really are and we're calling out across the world for a connection."

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