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Hear Ex-Graveyard, Witchcraft Members Go Wild on Big Kizz's Rowdy Debut Album

Swedish hard-rock band's 'Music Is Magic' LP features party jams, gender-swapped Bikini Kill cover

Hailing from Sweden, Big Kizz are a wanton hard-rock band comprised of vocalist/guitarist Pontus Westman, also of Lady Banana, the two-bassist combo of ex-Witchcraft member John Hoyles and Vidunderand's Johannes Cronquist, and former Graveyard drummer Axel Sjöberg. Whereas Graveyard and Witchcraft traffic in stonery gloom and doom, the newly formed project chugs out big-hearted, booze-soaked party jams reminiscent of the Rolling Stones — a collectively conjured teenage dream, emboldened by the technical wizardry and songwriting prowess of their present adulthood.

Arriving May 18th via Tee Pee, Big Kizz's debut full-length, Music Is Magic, finds the band wearing their adolescent obsessions on their sleeve, cranking out hormonally-charged love songs ("I Want My Girl," "Lose My Love,"), giddy odes to debauchery ("High") and in a bold, queer twist, even a gender-swapped cover of Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl." The 11-track effort could easily supply the soundtrack to some late-Seventies basement kegger, sans jocks, parents and hangovers.

Music Is Magic is "an age-traveling album," Sjöberg explains. "It's got the frustration, wildness and restlessness of a teenager, but it also has the thoughtfulness that only a lifetime of experiences can bring you." The drummer goes on to describe the LP as "ying yang on vinyl," adding, "It reflects who we are and the when period it was recorded: hooky melodies, dynamic drums and swinging bass."

Big Kizz's Music Is Magic hits shelves May 18th. Pre-order it here, and read on for the album artwork and tracklisting.


Bigg Kizz - Music Is Magic track listing:

01. "Music Is Magic"
02. "I Want My Girl"
03. "I Gave Up Tears Ago"
04. "Baby Boy"
05. "Lose My Love"
06. "Long Distance Call"
07. "High"
08. "Rebel Boy" [Bikini Kill cover]
09. "I Hate R 'N' R"
10. "Eye On You"
11. "Legalt"