Hear Fall of Messiah Evoke Touché Amoré, Envy on New Epic "Young Pines" | Revolver

Hear Fall of Messiah Evoke Touché Amoré, Envy on New Epic "Young Pines"

French group offers taste of upcoming fourth LP 'Senicarne'

"'Young Pines' represents the state of mind in which we wrote the album: Using negative situations that affect us to try and get something positive out of it," Fall of Messiah vocalist-drummer Pierre Bailleul says of the new single off his band's upcoming fourth album, Senicarne. "It's how we work — trying to convey an emotion that is just, raw but without artifice."

The singer's stated goal is achieved on the aforementioned song and its accompanying music video. Over the course of four-and-a-half hypnotic minutes, the French post-hardcore/screamo group evoke the likes of Touché Amoré, Envy, La Dispute and Birds in Row while also managing to define a distinct personality all their own.

"Young Pines" traces a vast journey, one punctuated by bleak valleys and poetic lyrics: "These tiny grains/They fill into everywhere/In my shoes/In my house/In my life/To scratch my hands/To make them bleed in silence." The songs tells a story of human ties evolving over time, conjuring an image of roots and attachments. Tellingly, Senicarne written backward ("enracinés") translates as "rooted" in French, and "seni" "carne" translates as "old flesh" in Latin.

Senicarne is due to arrive July 31st via Holy Roar Records. You can pre-order the LP now in the U.S., U.K. and Europe.