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Hear Falls of Rauros Evoke Early Darkthrone, Weakling on Epic New Black-Metal Song

Long-running Portland, Maine band's new "Weapons of Refusal" is 10-plus minute "encouraging and vengeful" journey

Portland, Maine's Falls of Rauros have been around for close to 15 years, cranking out subtlety melodic, soaring black metal — and they're only getting better, and more ambitious, with age. Their latest single "Weapons of Refusal" — from their forthcoming Patterns in Mythology LP — has a bite all its own, tipping its hat to early Darkthrone, Weakling and others throughout the massive multi-part 11-minute track.

Starting with a driving black-metal section that is as fist-raising as it is memorable, the band breaks into a clean, almost shoegaze-esque section before slowly building toward the brutality once again. It's an epic ride — and one that is worth repeatedly taking. 

"'Weapons of Refusal' ultimately wound up being one of the more 'optimistic' songs on Patterns in Mythology, despite the overwhelming and borderline hopeless subject matter of the lyrics," confesses guitarist/vocalist/lyricist Aaron Charles. "The title is a reference to Situationist thinker Raoul Vaneigem's 'The Revolution of Everyday Life' which provided a wealth of inspiration around the period this album was written. The lyrics act as an entreaty to face down the violence and ugliness bombarding us daily and seek to build a better world, in whichever manner it must be done; it's an encouraging and vengeful song about turning the weapons of the enemy back upon them."

Check out the new track "Weapons of Refusal" now, and snag a copy of Patterns in Mythology via Gilead Media ahead of its July 19th release.

7/21 Toronto, ON - Lee's Place
7/22 Montreal, QC - Piranha Bar
7/24 Portland, ME - Geno's
7/25 Boston, MA - O'Brien's
7/26 Richmond, VA - Wonderland
7/27 Atlanta, GA - 529