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Hear Filth is Eternal's Pummeling New Album 'Love is a Lie, Filth is Eternal'

Seattle hardcore contortionists formerly known as F***** and Bound unleash blistering new record
Filth is Eternal photo by Jake Gravbot , Jake Gravbot
Filth is Eternal
photograph by Jake Gravbot

Filth is Eternal are into pointed statements. The Seattle hardcore band were formerly known as Fucked and Bound, and the title of their new album combines their current nihilistic moniker with an even bleaker sentiment: Love is a Lie, Filth is Eternal.

It ain't cheery but the band do have cause to celebrate — this record is absolutely stuffed with back-to-back bangers that pose a formidable challenge to the notion that hardcore is getting stale. It's officially out this Friday, but we're proud to be premiering the whole damn thing in full today. 

For context, Filth is Eternal is made up of people who've toured with Daughters and Cattle Decapitation and are permanent fixtures in bands like He Whose Ox is Gored and Skelator. That resume does a pretty good job at describing their sonic range, which ping-pongs between metal and punk subgenres at a pace that renders the very idea of categorization moot. 

They certainly fit into the cadre of bands like Yautja, Cult Leader, Couch Slut and Thirdface who are creating innovative sounds by mangling together knobby hardcore, grindcore, death metal, crust, powerviolence and more. Most of the songs on Love is a Lie are sub-two-minute bursts of gangly hardcore, but they're all littered with shifty tempo changes and sludgy guitars that culminate in its beastly closer — a four-minute suite of churning death metal riffs, hardcore howls and sludgy might. 

Hear the whole thing below. 

"With Love is a Lie, we wanted to build a record that we wanted to listen to," says guitarist Brian McClelland. "We took this opportunity to explore more of our favorite styles of punk and hardcore, blending in more death metal and powerviolence influences, while retaining that sneer that we all need to live these days."

"Songs from the album address themes of depression, anxiety, misogyny, love, and uncertainty in the modern world," he continues. "When love is corrupted and truth is obscured, we turn to the filth from whence we came to find ourselves again." 

Love is a Lie hits streaming services this Friday August 27th and is available for pre-order on vinyl via their label Quiet Panic