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Hear In Flames' Two New Songs "I Am Above" and "(This Is Our) House"

Swedish metal veterans preview upcoming 'I, The Mask' LP with pair of contrasting cuts

In anticipation of their forthcoming full-length I, The Mask, Swedish melodeath OGs In Flames have released two new tracks with accompanying video clips for each. The first song, "(This Is Our) House," is a rousing, anthemic crowd-pleaser that veers further into radio-rock territory and away from their heavier roots. Tribal-style drumming and chugging riffs still underlay the clean, emotive vocals, and the performance-based lyric video shows that crowds at the band's shows have hardly lost their enthusiasm for the group despite their various sound changes.

In the second video, for "I Am Above," Swedish actor Martin Wollström of the television series Mr. Robot appears in a black turtleneck shirt against a black backdrop, spotlights highlighting his bright blue eyes and chiseled good looks while he lip-synchs the decidedly more aggressive track. Growled verses are delivered with appropriately angry facial expressions, and distorted film segments accompany the song's transition from gravelly death metal to the clean-sung choruses.


Pre-orders for I, The Mask will begin on January 11th via Eleven Seven Music in North America and Nuclear Blast Records elsewhere in the world. The album's official release is set for March 1st. Singer Anders Fridén said in a statement, "This album is really a special one to us. Since our last record, Battles, we've established our own annual festival in Sweden and have been touring nonstop worldwide, creating an even stronger bond with our fans. You could say it was a big part of our inspiration for this album. It's been such a long journey that just keeps going and growing." 

I, The Mask track list: 
01. Voices 
02. I, The Mask 
03. Call My Name 
04. I Am Above
05. Follow Me 
06. (This is Our) House 
07. We Will Remember 
08. In This Life 
09. Burn 
10. Deep Inside 
11. All The Pain 
12. Stay With Me