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Hear Former Absu Guitarist Channel Mötley Crüe With New Band Sonja

Melissa Moore returns with triumphant glam anthem "Nylon Nights"

In 2020 former Absu guitarist Melissa Moore made headlines when she publicly claimed that she had been ousted from the Texas black-metal band after coming out as transgender. Now, she's roared back into the spotlight with the premiere of "Nylon Nights," the debut single from her new group, Sonja. A hair-tossing, flame-throwing glam-metal anthem, it brings to mind Mötley Crüe at their sleaziest and snarliest, while the song's accompanying music video, directed by Zev Deans, tells the story of a trans sex worker who finds their strength by embracing metal. Watch and listen above.

"I'm a renegade post-apocalyptic trans warrior babe alone in hostile territory with elite goth bandmates and a target on my back," Moore says, introducing Sonja. "We are not asking permission and we are not waiting around. We are going to crash through the gates and hold them open for the swarm."

"Sonja came to me out of nowhere, and I said yes at first glance," Deans comments of the video. "They crawled out of the primordial ooze of heavy metal with a voice and a vision hitherto unknown, and it is my absolute pleasure to present to you 'Nylon Nights' as their official debut."

Sonja's debut album, Loud Arriver, is due September 23rd via Cruz Del Sur Music and available for pre-order on vinyl and CD now.