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Hear Full of Hell Get Skronky on New Song "Reeking Tunnels"

Grindcore juggernaut channel vintage noise-rock on latest single

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Full of Hell are shape-shifters. The Maryland grindcore innovators have a tendency to keep fans on their toes by changing up their sound on each new album, and the singles we've heard from their latest, Garden of Burning Apparitions, have kept that pace.

Last month's "Industrial Messiah Complex" added rumbling low-end and digital fuckery into their scrum of hardcore and death metal, and the single they dropped today (August 31st), "Reeking Tunnels," features noise-rock riffage that verges on mathcore at some points. 

Throughout their many sonic iterations — pumelling grindcore, crusty death metal, scorching harsh noise, etc. — Ful of Hell have never sounded as skronky as they do on this track. Check it out above via YouTube. 

"'Reeking Tunnels' is the foil to the cacophonous blasting on either side," frontman Dylan Walker commented. "Channeling CopShootCop and Shellac into a deep labyrinth of gnashing teeth and confusion, where we are all stripped down to our core - where violence is our only means of survival."

Garden of Burning Apparitions is out October 1st via Relapse Records, and you can pre-order the vinyl from our shop.