Hear Full of Hell's New Saxophone-Spiked Noise-Grind Blast "Language of Molten Cherubs" | Revolver

Hear Full of Hell's New Saxophone-Spiked Noise-Grind Blast "Language of Molten Cherubs"

Band's Adult Swim single squelches and smashes
full of hell VALENTINO 2019, Mark Valentino
Full of Hell, 2019
photograph by Mark Valentino

It's no secret that we love death-grind-noise miscreants Full of Hell here at Revolver HQ. It just doesn't get much more abrasive, scathing and insane than their eardrum-splitting sound and their hyper-kinetic live shows. So, of course, we're stoked that quarantine has not silenced these guys — to the contrary, the band just unleashed a ferocious new song via Adult Swim's singles series. Colorfully titled "Language of Molten Cherubs," it marks Full of Hell's first recorded material from the band since last year's Weeping Choir LP, and for those who love John Zorn, there's even some Zorn-style avant-garde free-jazz saxophone squelching. Blast it below.

As frontman Dylan Walker revealed on Instagram, "Language of Molten Cherubs" was actually recorded shortly before the COVID-19 lockdown during studio sessions for "a few a [sic] things." No word yet on what the other music might be, but we look forward to it. For his part, Walker recently released "Time reign cemenT," a collaborative noise track with fine artist Jesse Draxler for the latter's audiovisual project called Reigning Cement in which he challenged 20-plus musicians, including Wolfe, Trentemøller, Greg Puciato and Eric Ghoste, a.k.a. Ghostemane, "to create sound collages/songs using only 34 sonic assets I supplied, with one exception: that they may add vocals if they wanted."