Hear Funeral Chic's New Saxophone-Laced Sludge Song "Last Line Blues" | Revolver

Hear Funeral Chic's New Saxophone-Laced Sludge Song "Last Line Blues"

Blackened crust band go slow and eccentric on latest taste from new album

Funeral Chic's 2018 album, Superstition, is one of the funnest, nastiest, most rip-roarin' blackened crust releases in recent memory. The North Carolina band found the perfect marriage of bad-to-the-bone riffage and punk urgency on that record, and on their long-awaited follow-up, Roman Candle (out later this month via Prosthetic Records), the foursome are trying something different yet equally enthralling. 

While lead single "Spit and Crawl" had the crusty basement thrust that we've come to expect from Funeral Chic, its title track had the pulsating swagger of a Rob Zombie song, and the third single, "Last Line Blues," which we're proud to be premiering today (July 6th), is even more off the beaten path — in the best way possible.

Yet again recalling the bluesy, Southern-fried creepiness of Rob Zombie and his former band White Zombie, the track also has an aching sludginess — as well as a blistering sax solo — that elevates their sound to a new plane of eccentric heaviness. Blast it above via YouTube. 

"This track is kind of the heartbeat of the record for us," says guitarist Rob Stroud. "It's definitely a departure from our usual sound — even among the new songs — but it felt like the best way to express that sort of anger and melancholy and disquiet you feel while watching society eat itself. Also, saxophone." 

Roman Candle is out July 29th via Prosthetic Records and is now available for pre-order.