Hear Ghost's New "Slowed and Reverb" Version of TikTok Hit "Mary on a Cross" | Revolver

Hear Ghost's New "Slowed and Reverb" Version of TikTok Hit "Mary on a Cross"

Occult-rock band released official version of popular 'Stranger Things' fan edit

Ghost are playing by TikTok rules — what the Zoomers want, the Zoomers shall receive. Last month, the occult-rock band's 2019 song, "Mary on a Cross," suddenly began to go viral on TikTok thanks to a popular video a fan made that edited together footage of the Stranger Things characters Will and Mike — which was soundtracked by the Ghost track. 

The edit gained enough traction to make "Mary on a Cross" Ghost's most frequently-streamed song on Spotify (rocketing above their 2022 Impera songs), but a version of the track that made its way into many of the TikTok videos was a fan-made alternate version of the "Mary on a Cross" that uses the app's popular "slowed and reverb" technique to warp it into a moodier version of the original. 

Now, Ghost have responded to the new fans' demands and released an official version of "Mary on a Cross (slowed + reverb)," which is a move that many pop artists make when their songs go viral on the app and rack up a shit-ton of homemade "slowed and reverb" edits. Gen Z likes their songs a little different, what can we say. Good on Ghost for giving this entirely new generation of Ghost fans exactly what they want. 

Take a listen to "Mary on a Cross (slowed + reverb)" above and compare it to the original version below.