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Hear Ghost's Rambunctious New Song "Twenties"

Heavy new single from their upcoming album 'Impera'

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Ghost have released a stomping new song called "Twenties," the latest single from their forthcoming album, Impera (out March 11th via Loma Vista). Compared to their devilishly catchy previous single, "Call Me Little Sunshine," this one sounds a lot darker, heavier and more theatrical. 

Lyrically, "Twenties" appears to be a cheeky foreshadowing of what people thought the 1920s would be like (prosperous for all) without knowing all the horrors that were coming right around the corner (the Great Depression, World War II, etc.). Here, it seems like Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge is using that historical context as an analog for the present day, as we're entering the 2020's with a whole new stack of uncertainties. 

Musically, in addition to Forge's cartoonish vocals, the heavy chugs and the orchestral embellishments, "Twenties" has a blazing solo courtesy of Opeth shredder Fredrik Åkesson, who played guitar all over this record. Listen above via YouTube. 

Impera is out March 11th via Loma Vista and you can pre-order the CD variant from our shop