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Hear Gizmo's New Trap-Metal Rager "All Black"

Rhode Island scream-rapper drops most metallic cut yet

Love it or hate it, there's a new generation of artists gleefully blurring the lines between hip-hop, metal and hardcore. Some choose to call their raucous, bass-heavy brand of music "trap metal," others decline to apply any genre tag to it. However you refer to the current crossover, Rhode Island rapper Gizmo stands at its bleeding edge, with millions of streams and views to his name and an already stacked catalog of aggro bangers. Last summer, shortly after the news broke that he'd partnered up with OG metal label Earache, we premiered the unhinged video for his song "Slurp," and today (May 15th), Gizmo's teamed with us again, this time to debut his latest single and arguably his most metallic offering yet, "All Black [No Heaven/No Hell]," produced by Kingwicked. Blast it above, and read his comments on the song below.

"The song is about if, when you die, you go to a place where it's all black, and the whole time living on earth, life was a lie," Gizmo says of the single. "Hence, 'No heart, no self, no mind/There was never no heaven and hell/That's the lies that they sell/Now I'm sure you can tell.'"