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Hear Glassing's Doomy Black-Metal Scorcher "Burden"

Austin band unveil blazing seven-minute journey between genres

For a few years now, Glassing have been putting out sky-scraping post-metal with doomy girth, black metal ferocity and post-hardcore bite. The Austin, Texas, band's 2019 album, Spotted Horse, is an excellent starting point for fans who're longing for the crushing beauty of Deafheaven's older stuff, and/or the churning sounds of greats like Pelican, ISIS, Neurosis, etc. 

Today, we're stoked to be premiering a new Glassing song called "Burden" that's taken from their upcoming third LP, Twin Dream (out November 5th). It's a seven-minute scorcher that traverses all of the aforementioned sub-genres with piercing intensity — beginning with a hardcore gallop and gradually shifting into more atmospheric movements before trailing off sweetly. 

If you dig contemporary acts like Respire, Holy Fawn and Infant Island, then this is right up your alley. Take a listen above via YouTube. 

"Lyrically, 'Burden' was composed around the song's transformative structure," the band tells us. "It was meant to feel like an anguished whirlwind, one desperate effort after another that ultimately ends in tragedy. This was slightly serendipitous, as the song's flow became paramount to the lyrical content."

"In its very essence, 'Burden' is a song about self-serving desires along with the self-hatred that can follow from submitting to these urges," they continue. "When does a devoted life metamorphose into a secret hatred that eats away at you day by day? At what point does the once blossoming pledge become the seed in which all we detest begins to grow? As all good things have their end, the once devoted life's conclusion is filled with nothing but a dim happiness shrouded in remorse."

Twin Dream is due out November 5th via Brutal Panda and is currently up for pre-order.