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Hear Gojira's Epic New Song "Into the Storm"

French metal leaders call for civil disobedience

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April 30th — the release date of Gojira's stunning new album, Fortitude — cannot come soon enough. So far the French progressive metal band has offered up three singles and they've all delivered the kind of grooving, epic, expansive heaviness we've come to expect from the band. The latest of these cuts is "Into the Storm," a driving anthem that builds from a surging intro and verse into a massive, melodic chorus. Blast it above via its official lyric video.

"This song is infused with the concept of civil disobedience," singer-guitarist Joe Duplantier commented. "Acting accordingly with our deepest wisdom and standing for what is precious and good in this world. The only possible revolution is the one that blossoms from within us. Change will come from individuals. Laws are meant to be bent and shaped to our vital needs. LAWS WILL FOLLOW!"

It's a topic that he's expounds upon in Revolver's new Spring Issue cover story, which sees Duplantier interviewed by friend, peer and Roadrunner Records label mate Jami Morgan, of Code Orange. "One underlying idea throughout the whole record — and it's something that is very dear to my heart these days — my political consciousness is very animated by the concept of civil disobedience," the Gojira frontman explains. "How, if a law is unfair, unjust, we should break it. If something's wrong, we should go out and raise our voice. We should do something, even if it's forbidden to do so by law. People should make the laws, not the other way around, you know?" The issue is available now in two limited-edition collector's bundles at our shop.