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Hear the Great Sabatini's Seething New Sludge Album 'Goodbye Audio' in Full

Montreal band evokes Helmet, Melvins on aggro new offering
great-sabatini-press-2018-dave-levitt.jpg, Dave Levitt
photograph by Dave Levitt

Montreal's the Great Sabatini practice sludgy hardcore with tinges of noise rock, but most importantly do it with a ferocity rarely seen nowadays. Their approach is downright venomous, hitting the midpoint between Melvins' Stoner Witch and Unsane's Scattered, Smothered, & Covered — violent, calculating and downright disturbing. Goodbye Audio is the band's latest offering, due on November 16th (order yours), which you can stream in full below. Fans of the aforementioned as well as Helmet, KEN Mode, Today is the Day and others, pay attention, this record is for you.

"For me, working on 'Goodbye Audio' was like a coping mechanism after losing some people in my life," admits vocalist/guitarist Sean Sabatini. "When that sort of thing happens, and you're a bit less distracted from your own mortality for a bit, all kinds of shit comes floating up to the surface of your creative well. But that stuff is sort of like window dressing to me at this point... what we all really wanted to do was write and record something that was just real dirty Rock and Roll... we tried to play to our strengths as a band and not get too complicated. Our main focus was to serve the song. Recording 90% of the record live off the floor with Sean Pearson and getting Scott Evans to mix it all was a conscious step in that direction. Rock bands should be able to play their own songs and a good engineer should be able to capture it. I feel like all of those aspects lined up nicely for this record."