Hear HALESTORM and I PREVAIL's anthemic collab single "can u see me in the dark?" | Revolver

Hear HALESTORM and I PREVAIL's anthemic collab single "can u see me in the dark?"

Come feast your eyes on this

One month out from I Prevail and Halestorm's joint summer tour, the metal forces have unveiled a new collaborative single. It's an anthemic rocker titled "can u see me in the dark?" and it's streaming as of right now.

As you can hear via the lyric video up above, there are elements of both bands at play in "can u see me in the dark?," from the synth-skittery breakdowns and growly melodies of I Prevail, to the full-bore metal yellin' of Halestorm powerhouse Lzzy Hale. While the bands initially described the tour team-up as "two worlds colliding," they were apparently a perfect match in the studio.

"In celebration of our upcoming tour together, we joined forces with the boys of I Prevail and wrote an original song together," Hale said in a statement. "'can u see me in the dark?' is written for our collective fan bases, our community, our family. We want you to know that you are seen and you are not alone shining through life's myriad of joy and pain. We can't wait to feast our eyes on you this summer!"

"It was a fun challenge to blend the Halestorm and I Prevail sounds together," added I Prevail's Eric Vanlerberghe. "We really focused on creating a music bed that felt very much I Prevail and letting Lzzy just shine and do what she does best. I feel we found a very sick way to blend the two identities of our bands into one massive song."

As previously reported, I Prevail and Halestorm's trip kicks off July 9 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and continues through to the middle of August. From there, Halestorm also have a Canadian arena run coming up in the fall with Evanescence.