Hear hardcore upstarts ZULU go hip-hop on new song "We're More Than This" | Revolver

Hear hardcore upstarts ZULU go hip-hop on new song "We're More Than This"

L.A. rising stars showcase another side to their sound

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Zulu's last single, January's "Where I'm From," was a snarling mosh anthem that came with a video guest-starring comedic wild man Eric Andre. Today (February 10th), the L.A. hardcore insurgents offered up its follow-up, "We're More Than This," which showcases a very different side to their sound, trading in pit-ready heaviness for jazz-infused hip-hop. Guitarist Dez Yusuf takes over vocal duties and also co-directed the music video alongside vocalist Anaiah Lei and videographer Tyler Bradberry. Watch and listen above.

"When we first started writing for the record Anaiah and I had bounced the idea of maybe doing some jazz or R&B songs and putting some raps on the record," Yusuf commented. "I know Satchel and Anaiah had jammed out some different ideas that I hadn't really been present for. We were actually ending our tour with Sasami when I first heard the music for 'We're More Than This'. We were in the van at a rest stop and Anaiah played it off a video of him and Satchel jamming. It just hit me all in an instant.

"I didn't think much beyond the lyrics of 'must I only share my pain,' which is a running theme throughout the album. But it's ironic because I go forward with sharing glimpses of pain and trauma, but that's really the setup to show the things I've (we've) become in spite of that pain. This is really a song of resilience and encouragement. Saying that we can still be more than the tropes that are Put on us. That we are more than commodified versions of our trauma."

"We're More Than This" is the third single from Zulu's upcoming album, A New Tomorrow, due out March 3rd via Flatspot Records. Revolver has an exclusive vinyl variant on "transparent yellow" wax that's still available in our shop — but limited to 400 copies worldwide. Get yours while they last.