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Hear Hardcore Vets the Warrior's Blistering New Song "Burn From the Lion"

Oxnard, California, demolition crew offers latest single off first album in 10 years
Warriors_Press_2019.jpg, Kat Nijmeddin
The Warriors, 2019
photograph by Kat Nijmeddin

"I've reached the point in my life where I don't waste my time with pleasantries. I don't care about your social status. I don't care about your social media persona (Internet Ego) or how many followers you have. I don't care what's popular, your job title or how smart you think you are. I don't care about your religion or how spiritual you appear to be. It all means nothing if you don't live by example." 

So says Marshall Lichtenwaldt, vocalist of Oxnard, California, hardcore veterans the Warriors. The singer and his bandmates are back with a new single, "Burn From the Lion," off Monomyth, the band's forthcoming first album in a decade, and the song's lashing, bile-spewing riffs and throat-shredding roars are every bit as furious as the frontman's seething dismissal of anyone trying to waste his time. 

"This song is about destroying the Ego," Lichtenwaldt continues. "This is a lifelong, unseen battle that most of us are completely unaware that we're being called to fight. This war must be waged in solitude, on an individual basis." 

The latest battle in the band's own war, "Burn From the Lion" comes in at just two minutes, but the quintet manage to trek across plenty of musical terrain in that time: whiplashing, fast-as-fuck hardcore, valleys of knuckle-dragging sludge, and even a brief rap-rock part that leads into an experimental fade out, leaving the ear curious for what will follow on Monomyth. The album is due on December 12th via Pure Noise Records. You can pre-order a copy here


Monomyth track listing: 
1. All Life Is One
2.The Painful Truth
3. Iron Mind
4. Yu'ukwep Nukagüd (Death Dancer)
5. Death Ritual
6. Hutch
7. Within, Without
8. Fountain Of Euth
9. Tavi Üüs Yukwenaak (The Sun is Dying)
10. Burn From The Lion
11. Beyond the Human Dimension
12. Last SOS