Hear Haunt Channel Ozzy, Iron Maiden on Ripping New Song "Reflectors" | Revolver

Hear Haunt Channel Ozzy, Iron Maiden on Ripping New Song "Reflectors"

Beastmaker frontman Trevor Church unveils single from new band's debut full-length 'Burst Into Flame'

Hailing from California, Haunt grew from mind of Trevor Church — vocalist/guitarist for doom-bringers Beastmaker. NWOBHM, early Ozzy Osbourne and other classic hallmarks are all present, but like any great band, aren't singularly distinguishable as parts from the whole. Following an EP helmed solely by Church, Beastmaker guitarist John William Tucker, bassist Matthew Wilhoit and drummer Daniel Wilson were recruited to round out the lineup for Haunt's forthcoming debut full-length LP Burst Into Flame


Kicking off with dueling leads a la Iron Maiden, Haunt settles into a classic heavy metal riff that cascades into the end of every line in the verse section of "Reflectors." By the time the chorus hits with the harmonized vocals you've been hooked into their latest single, a ripping and melodic adventure from the band's forthcoming Burst Into Flame due via Shadow Kingdom on August 10th.