Hear HEALTH's throbbing, thrilling new club banger "Hateful" | Revolver

Hear HEALTH's throbbing, thrilling new club banger "Hateful"

An ass-throwing new song from the L.A. industrial unit

HEALTH are back. Last year, the L.A. industrial fire-starters released their second collab album, DISCO4 :: PART II, which featured contributions from Nine Inch Nails, Lamb of God, Poppy and many others.

Today (April 27th), they're returning with a new standalone single called "Hateful," which was co-written with SIERRA and features background vocals from Street Sects' Leo Ashline. Notably, the song is also available now in the videogame ULTRAKILL. 

Musically, "Hateful" is a total banger, with throbbing drum machine thwacks and a tense, John Carpenter-esque bassline squirming through the mix. The lyrics are equal parts steamy and scornful, and when the track reaches its scream-laden climax, it'll make you want to throw back your desk chair and start wrecking shit. 

Listen above via YouTube while you watch its accompanying music video.