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Hear Heat's Ferociously Hardcore New EP

San Diego four-piece channel powerviolence on new 7-inch 'end'

It's hard to stand out in the court of punk and hardcore. You can have a gimmick, but once that wears off you're left to your own devices. At the end of the day, what separates one band that goes fast part–fast part–breakdown from another that goes fast part–breakdown-blast-blast–fast part? One word and one word alone: execution.   

San Diego four-piece Heat are breaking away from the pack with their furious sound, which channels first-wave SoCal powerviolence (Infest, Crossed Out, Slap-a-Ham in general), the urgency of SSD's The Kids Will Have Their Say and the dizzying ferocity of Deathreat and Negative Approach.

Following a promising demo (that was repressed on vinyl by Deranged), Heat are about to unleash their new six-song 7-inch, end, this November via Deranged. Below, we're pleased to present a first-listen to end