Hear HERIOT's sludgy new metalcore banger "Demure" | Revolver

Hear HERIOT's sludgy new metalcore banger "Demure"

U.K. band offer up first single since 2022's 'Profound Mortality' EP

Heriot continue to be one of the most impressive young bands in all of metalcore. The U.K. upstarts first perked the ears of Revolver HQ with their string of massively heavy 2021 singles, and then last year they kept the fire burning with their utterly scorching Church Road Records debut, Profound Mortality. Now, the English troupe are back with a brand new song called "Demure" — a slice of sludgy, crushing, creepy excellence that once again proves why Heriot are such a promising force to be reckoned with. 

"'Demure' depicts the conflict of remaining integral in a world overwhelmed by scrutiny," vocalist-guitarist Debbie Gough said in a press release. "It sheds light on the loss of being an individual while attempting the unattainable pursuit of neutrality. This is the first new music released since our debut EP, Profound Morality, and it opens a new era for Heriot which we are very excited to begin!"

Crank "Demure" while you watch its eerie music video above via YouTube.