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Hear Hex Machine Channel Unsane, Melvins on Noisy New Song

Moody "Oh You Petty Things" features Today Is the Day alum
hex_machine_4681_randy_j_byrd.jpg, Randy J Byrd
photograph by Randy J Byrd

Hex Machine was originally formed more than a decade ago with Trevere Thomas (ex Today is the Day) and Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, et al), but in the years since has gone on to be the sole project of Thomas. The band's focus has always been in the orbit of Am-Rep and the Melvins, a focus that continues on their new track "Oh You Petty Things," which premieres on Revolver today (June 6th). 

With the riffy approach of middle-period Melvins and the bendy blues of Unsane, "Oh You Petty Things" is a ripper of the noisiest order, bound to appeal to fans of any of the aforementioned bands as well as the Jesus Lizard, Today is the Day and more.

"This one has become pretty universal ... It's just everywhere, this thing, this petty thing," explains Thomas. "We are ultimately these very small entities that exist in our own worlds and yet excel at fucking each other up with the trivial and rather unbecoming slights. Whether it's realized or not."

 "Oh You Petty Things" is culled from new album Cave Painting (out 6/21 on Minimum Underdrive). Order yours