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Hear Horrendous Channel Coroner, Cynic on New Song "Devotion (Blood for Ink)"

Philadelphia extreme-metal crew drops adventurous new track from forthcoming 'Idol' LP

There are people that are convinced that the world's greatest burger comes from In & Out in California. It's a 100-percent unprovable theorem considering the fact that the item in question is totally subjective based on how you like your burger, what condiments you prefer, how you like the meat patties and if you want something simple or something that challenges your ideas of what a burger is. Black truffles are possible now, gold leaf, literally anything you can think of has been done. That said, in the end, it's all about how it tastes ... you can gild the lily and add every culinary trick in the world, but in the end if you're not adding, you're subtracting.

The same principle can be applied to virtually anything, including death metal. Philadelphia's Horrendous use some of the most interesting influences to create a product that is wholly unique in its own right. Bits of everything — most importantly the adventurous and pioneering spirit of influences like Coroner, Death, Mastodon, Cynic — are thrown into the mixing bowl and come out as something entirely different. Their latest single "Devotion (Blood for Ink)" is a clear indication of their fascinating approach — one that we are proud to showcase today for the first time here. Check it out above.

"'Devotion (Blood for Ink)' is a meditation on the tenacity of the creative drive, that black hole incessantly pulling inward, a vortex of desire, self doubt, and the mad pursuit of creative perfection," the band writes in a statement about the new track. "It's about finding fulfillment in creation without sacrificing oneself to the forging fire, and traversing the razor's edge between obsession and oblivion. Musically, the song is a relentless push forward, plunging headlong into the belly of the beast, ceasing only for a moment to regroup and claw its way out again. In the end, even our greatest passions can devour us, becoming yet another Idol to which we pay tribute"

"Devotion (Blood for Ink)" is culled from Idol, their new LP due via Season of Mist. Order yours here, ahead of the 9/28 release date

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Nov. 8 Worcester, MA @ Ralph's Rock Diner (tickets)
Nov. 9 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus (tickets)
Nov. 10 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie (tickets)
Nov. 11 Washington, DC @ Atlas Brew Works (tickets)