Hear Icelandic Hardcore Act Great Grief Channel Thursday on New Song "Ivory (Lie)" | Revolver

Hear Icelandic Hardcore Act Great Grief Channel Thursday on New Song "Ivory (Lie)"

Reykjavík crew’s first single for debut LP, 'Love, Lust and Greed,' comes paired with raging party video

Icelandic hardcore quartet Great Grief lean on the works of Geoff Rickly — be it Thursday or even his latest project United Nations for their latest track "Ivory (Lie)." The song, culled from their debut LP Love, Lust and Greed due on December 7th via No Sleep Records, is filled with epic choruses, blast beats and furious riffs — not to mention an overall sense of urgency that permeates the song from end to end. The video also projects that urgency, featuring the band playing an otherwise disinterested party as a brawl breaks out.  Check out the song and video for the first time above.

"The lyrical part of 'Ivory (Lie)' was written as I experienced something beautiful and desirable, become petty, horrid and pathetic," says vocalist Finnbogi Örn Einarsson. "You can feel it creeping up on you, but you won't be able to make sense of it until it's too late. It is about lovers who go through hell and back, just to realize that they're not mature enough to put their past behind them, and then they dip into their vices once again with pills, alcohol and meaningless sex.

"From what appeared to be unconditional love, to pathetic leisure. The video follows the same suit, starting out as an innocent party we'd all consider being part of, but then it takes a step in the wrong direction. This life cycle can truly be applied to just about any aspect of life, and definitely shouldn't be ignored."