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Hear Ilsa's New Downtrodden Sludge Epic "Hikikomori"

Doom 'n' roll group featuring members of Integrity and more hates without abandon

Doom 'n' roll juggernaut ILSA have more than proven their devotion to woofer-quaking riffage with previous outings on A389 Recordings, but now the quintet has made the move to Relapse for their forthcoming Corpse Fortress LP, due on March 2nd. The Baltimore/D.C. band's latest circus sideshow of discordant hate-riffs and screams from the void is "Hikikomori," the group's lead single from Corpse Fortress and out today. Titled after a Japanese term for reclusive and antisocial individuals, the track is propelled by a singular sludgy riff straight out of the Buzzov*en book of misanthropy, broken out by a particularly amazing dual-lead section towards the second chorus that will send a chill up your spine. Check the song out above; you can pre-order the album via Relapse.