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Hear Imperial Triumphant's Synapse-Frying New Song "Atomic Age"

Masked avant-metal outfit rhapsodizes "most dangerous time ever known"

Avant-metal trio Imperial Triumphant's upcoming fourth full-length, Alphaville, features a barbershop quartet, Japanese taiko drums, production by Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance and a guest appearance by Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake. No surprise, the album is totally mind-melting and insane. Today (July 2nd), the band unleashed the LP's head-spinning third single "Atomic Age" along with its retro-styled music video — watch and listen above. Alphaville is due out on July 31st via Century Media and available for pre-order now in a highly limited, Revolver-exclusive "Ivory Towers" 2LP edition.

"Welcome to the age of a bright future and unprecedented optimism," the band commented of the song in a joint statement. "A time when man's dreams are realized in the biggest way. The most dangerous time ever known with the most existential responsibility ever bestowed. A NEW age of the atomic dream and ten thousand years forward of computerized biology looking to the past for the same answers. That mid century Atomic Age; Long lasting to go that extra mile, now and forever.

Strictly limited to 300 copies, the "Ivory Towers" collector's edition comes in a special gatefold sleeve with a four-page booklet and poster and features art by renowned artist and illustrator Zbigniew M. Bielak (Ghost, Body Count). The LP also offers a special novelty: Side D, which features two bonus covers, of Voivod and the Residents, is pressed with a rare "double-groove" feature, i.e. there are two grooves cut side-by-side, so that the listener plays the one cover version or the other — depending on where exactly the needle is placed. Pre-order yours now before they're gone!

imperial triumphant alphaville white vinyl product shot

Alphaville "Ivory Towers" collector's edition track listing:
Side A
1. Rotted Futures
2. Excelsior
3. City Swine
Side B
4. Atomic Age
5. Transmission to Mercury
Side C
6. Alphaville
7. The Greater Good
Side D  
8. Experiment (Voivod cover)
9. Happy Home (The Residents cover)