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Hear Industrial Duo Street Sects' Haunting New Song "In For a World of Hurt"

Austin assault unit offers first taste off highly anticipated sophomore full-length

Having already earned a fearsome reputation for their abrasive industrialized screeds and the seizure-inducing chainsaw-and-strobe-light terror of their live shows, Texan duo Streets Sects introduced a deeper, more nuanced goth and post-punk edge to their songwriting with their recent EPs Rat Jacket and Things Will Be Better in Hell. Now, the band — vocalist Leo Ashline and multi-instrumentalist Shaun Ringsmuth — is gearing up to release a new full-length, The Kicking Mule, and have offered up its lead single, the aching, jittery "In For a World of Hurt." The follow-up to 2016's harrowing End Position LP, the record takes its title from Elton John's song "Ticking" and sees Street Sects further expanding their sound, embracing influences including Roxy Music/Brian Eno and Berlin-era Bowie.

You can pre-order The Kicking Mule, which features cover art by renowned illustrator Francesco Francavilla and is due October 26th, via the Flenser.

Street Sects - The Kicking Mule track listing:
1. 269 Soulmates
2. Birch Meadows, 1991
3. Chasing the Vig
4. Suicide by Cop
5. Everyone's at Home Eventually
6. Dial Down the Neon
7. In For a World of Hurt
8. Before It Was Worn
9. Still Between Lovers
10. The Drifter