Hear Industrial-Metal Trio Uniform's Crushing New Song "Delco" | Revolver

Hear Industrial-Metal Trio Uniform's Crushing New Song "Delco"

Singer Michael Berdan faces ghosts of bullied past on 'Shame' lead single

New York City's Uniform have made their name over the last seven years since their formation with a particularly nasty and grueling brand of industrial-rock heaviness. Distorted guitars take center stage on the band's grinding, explosive new screed "Delco," the lead single off the trio's upcoming fourth full-length, Shame, due out on September 11th via Sacred Bones Records. (It's available for pre-order now.) A concept album, Shame is, according to vocalist Michael Berdan, "like a classic hard-boiled paperback novel without a case." For its part, "Delco" draws on the singer's adolescence during which he was repeatedly bullied, both physically and psychologically, a personal history that has had deep repercussions throughout Berdan's life. Blast the song above, and read his comments on "Delco" below.

"During my adolescence, I would get routinely picked on and beat up by some of the kids in the neighborhood who I desperately wanted to like me," Berdan said. "The more beatings I caught, the more I'd go back to try and impress them. My self-esteem was nonexistent and I developed psychological calluses. I learned to repeat some of the behaviors that had been leveled my way on those beneath me in the pecking order. In time, I became numb. Getting older and attempting to reconcile with personal demons surrounding depression, anxiety and substance abuse has forced me to take a long, hard look at my childhood. In the process, I've realized to degrees just how I've perpetuated learned cycles of harm. A terrified part of me is still a little kid in Delco. This song is an exercise in trying to come to terms with these ghosts and let go. Some days are better than others."