Hear Integrity's Dwid Hellion Rage on Enforced's New Ripper "Skinned Alive" | Revolver

Hear Integrity's Dwid Hellion Rage on Enforced's New Ripper "Skinned Alive"

Hellion also created cover art for crossover thrash crew's upcoming LP
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photograph by Morgan Parrish

When Richmond crossover/thrash unit Enforced were craft their debut effort At the Walls, they were lucky enough to enlist a true modern hardcore hero to contribute to the LP's first single, "Skinned Alive," and create the artwork: Dwid Hellion of Integrity.  

"Dwid was an absolute pleasure to work with," says vocalist Knox Colby." As a lifelong Integrity fan, it was such an experience working alongside a personal hero of mine for the album artwork and the back-and-forth with the lyrics. Dwid was into what we wanted to achieve and hit all levels with the artwork and vocal delivery. I couldn't be happier with what he gave us and I hope to collaborate more in the future." 

"Skinned Alive", which makes it's debut here at Revolver, is a ripping crossover track that recalls Cause for Alarm–era Agnostic Front, Best Wishes–era Cro-Mags, Nuclear Assault, early Kreator and more. The choice of Dwid for the track was a perfect one, as his shredded voice adds a particularly suffocating layer of fury to the entirety of the cut. Check it out below. 

"'Skinned Alive' focuses on reactionary behavior and reactionary thinking," Knox explains. "The overarching machinations at work, what people should be focusing on, marches on unopposed while people become instantly outraged at petty differences and squabble while a growing threat looms. The lyrics stress about how inconsequential many of these differences are and how we could easily be steamrolled and ripped apart by authoritarianism."

You can preorder your copy of At the Walls now via WAR Records. See the cover art — by Hellion — and track list below.


At the Walls track list:
1. Reckoning Force
2. Skinned Alive
3. Born Lost
4. The Heat
5. Retaliation
6. Brahman
7. At The Walls Of Antioch
8. World Of Pain
9. Civilized Mind