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Hear Jaye Jayle's Haunting New Song "Guntime"

Upcoming 'Prisyn' LP produced by Chelsea Wolfe collaborator Ben Chisolm

Heavy-music fans may know Evan Patterson best for his work with Kentucky noise-rock outfit Young Widows. His current undertaking, the goth-Americana outfit Jaye Jayle, isn't as sonically abrasive, but it's no less dark and crushing in its themes and emotions. The project's latest offering is the forthcoming album Prisyn, for which Patterson forsook his usual backing band to team with longtime Chelsea Wolfe collaborator Ben Chisolm. The result is a film-score-esque electronic record unlike anything he's made before. The LP is due out August 7th via Sargent House and available for pre-order now.

Today (May 21st), Jaye Jayle have offered up Prisyn's lead single, the haunting, electric-piano-laced "Guntime." In its lyrics, Patterson relays the harrowing and surreal experience of having a car full of teenagers point an Uzi at the Jaye Jayle tour van as the band drove into Paris. Listen — and watch the song's noirish music video, directed by Patterson — above, and below, see Prisyn's cover art and track listing.

"These songs have a totally different energy, and that's the exciting thing about making art," Patterson commented. "Things have to progress. I don't want to draw the same picture for the rest of my life. Maybe that keeps you from being a master at it, but being a master isn't the key to art. It's having that constant expression, the constant outlet, the constant change."

prisyn cover art jaye jayle

Prisyn track listing:
1.  A Cold Wind
2.  Don't Blame the Rain
3.  Synthetic Prison
4.  The River Spress
5.  Making Friends
6.  Guntime
7.  Blueberries
8.  I Need You
9.  Last Drive
10.  From Louisville