Hear Jesus Piece Go for Jugular With Massive New Song "Neuroprison" | Revolver

Hear Jesus Piece Go for Jugular With Massive New Song "Neuroprison"

Philadelphia hardcore heroes drop another unbelievably heavy 'Only Self' cut
Jesus Piece 2018 Press Photo, Tracy Nguyen
photograph by Tracy Nguyen

Philadelphia hardcore heroes Jesus Piece are gearing up to release their much-anticipated new album Only Self on August 24th via Southern Lord. After dropping its face-melting first single "Curse of the Serpent" last month, the band has revealed another hellish ripper, "Neuroprison." If you thought Jesus Piece's Converge-esque racket was brutal before, just wait until the downward lurch at the 1:33 mark, whereupon the band takes a bold step into the void, serving up one of 2018's most monolithic breakdowns in the process. Tune in below, and hold on to your ass!

Speaking with Kerrang!, vocalist Aaron Heard framed the track as a reflection on how being trapped in one's thoughts basically amounts to mental incarceration: "Neuroprison is to spend most of the day lost in your head while the world keeps turning around you."