Hear Jesus Piece Unleash Hardcore Hellfire With New Song "Curse of the Serpent" | Revolver

Hear Jesus Piece Unleash Hardcore Hellfire With New Song "Curse of the Serpent"

Philadelphia's own lay waste ahead of forthcoming album 'Only Self' on Southern Lord
jesus piece PRESS 2018, Tracy Nguyen
Jesus Piece, 2018
photograph by Tracy Nguyen

Philadelphia's Jesus Piece traffic in highly sophisticated hardcore, clearly taking influence from Converge, Disembodied and their ilk for their own unique form of discordant catharsis. Not ones to shy away from a solid breakdown, the band knows when simple is just better — making the mean parts meaner and the rest of it a bit more explosive. Jesus Piece are both exacting and scattershot, but they never feel anything less than genuine, a boiling-over pot of emotion, spitting bits of scalding vitriol at anyone that comes close.

Jesus Piece's latest track is the lead single off their much-anticipated new LP Only Self, their first with venerable heavy-music label Southern Lord, due out August 24th. "Curse of the Serpent" showcases what the band does best. It's one nasty track, and one that we're proud to showcase at Revolver for the first time below.

"'Curse of the Serpent' is an ode to the grudges that everyone holds," the band comments.& "It's a song about long-lasting pain sitting in the back of your mind. The kind that just doesn't know how to fuck off. We chose this song first because it's a great introduction to the energy of this record but doesn't define the overall sound. This is a great bridge of growth between old and new."

See the cover art and track list for Only Self below. Southern Lord will release the album on CD, LP and digital formats; Only Self is available for digital preorders via Bandcamp and watch for physical preorder options and additional audio samples to be issued in the weeks ahead.

jesus piece only self album cover

Jesus Piece - Only Self track listing:
1. Lucid
2. Workhorse
3. Punish
4. Curse of the Serpent
5. In the Silence
6. Adamant
7. Neuroprison
8. Dog No Longer
9. I
10. II
11. Oppressor