Hear Jinjer's Ferocious New Song "Mediator" | Revolver

Hear Jinjer's Ferocious New Song "Mediator"

Tatiana Shmayluk and Co. offer second single off upcoming 'Wallflowers' LP

Metal bands are always promising that their next album will be their heaviest and most aggressive. Sometimes they come through; sometimes it's just hype. Back in May, Jinjer made that very pledge, and they were not kidding. The Ukrainian progressive metal stars' upcoming LP, Wallflowers, pushes their sound to the max, from its concussive Meshuggah-esque riffery to vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk's powerhouse mix of heart-rending R&B crooning and vein-bursting demonic roars.

All are on display in the group's latest song "Mediator," Wallflowers' closing cut and second single, the follow-up to June's "Vortex." The crushing tune arrived today (July 28th) along with a high-octane music video. Watch and listen above.

In Revolver's recent Jinjer cover story, Shmayluk revealed that "Mediator" was the result of an online personality test that she took at the suggestion of a friend. "I'm always ready to do some psychology and self-analysis," she explained. "The result I got was 'mediator,' which has to do with compassionate, sensitive people. I feel this is basically another word for 'introvert' or 'wallflower' — it's all connected."

"But the song is about when I was younger," she continued. "I was an idealist. I wanted to see things as perfect and people as kind. But the reality is harsh. You grow up and you realize you still have a lot to learn — a lot of lessons that can't be taught in school. Life lessons."

The 11-track Wallflowers is due out August 27th via Napalm Records and available for pre-order now.