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Hear John Carpenter's Chilling New 'Halloween' Score in Full

The Horror Master updates iconic original theme for new reboot of 1978 horror film

The time is finally nigh, and tonight marks the official release of Halloween, the continuation of John Carpenter's 1978 genre-defining slasher. Carpenter's return to the franchise as executive producer and composer is one of the most closely followed moves in horror this year, and now the master of skin-crawling film music has released the full score so fans can get a taste of what to expect when they hit theaters this weekend to discover the chilling conclusion to the Michael Myers/Laurie Strode saga. 

The recurring strains of the movie's main theme have been updated and unleashed on the world already, but now available are the tense, quiet moments between where the suspense has room to breathe and expand. Echoing valleys of deep anticipation are broken up by staccato heartbeats; anxious droning gives way to aggressive piano refrains. The terror-evoking work is top-notch, even for Carpenter, and even if the film proves a total flop (it won't), the soundtrack will remain a masterpiece among an already illustrious career for the multi-hyphenate creator. 

Halloween hits theaters nationwide tonight. For info on how John Carpenter approached the writing process and more, check out his recent interview with Revolver