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Hear Justin Broadrick's Godfleshian Remix of Harm's Way From New 'PSTHMN' EP

Four-track release offers up pummeling industrialized remixes of 'Posthuman' cuts
harms-way-live-photo-PRESS by-rick-beaulieu-web.jpg, Rick Beaulieu
photograph by Rick Beaulieu

Chicago demolition crew Harm's Way are one of the most electrifying bands in hardcore, thanks in no small part to frontman James Pligge's hulking, muscular presence and to the way the group incorporates the cold, clinical menace of industrial music into their attack. They're taken the latter influence next level with their new remix EP, PSTHMN, which sees Godflesh/Jesu main man Justin Broadrick, noted metal producer and industrial musician Sanford Parker (Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, Corrections House) and others reinventing cuts off Harm's Way's excellent 2018 album Posthuman. Broadrick takes on a particularly fitting track, "Call My Name," a 10-ton crusher that recalls the U.K. extreme-music pioneer's seminal band Godflesh even in its original form. Broadrick's version transforms the song into a full-fledged industrial stomper — check it out below. You can listen to PSTHMN in full via your favorite digital streaming service now.

Below, see Godflesh play a particularly skull-cracking rendition of Streetcleaner opener "Like Rats" in Brooklyn: