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Hear KEN mode's Maniacal New Noise-Rock Song "Feathers & Lips"

Power trio's stormy new single from upcoming 'Loved' LP arrives with gritty performance visual

Canadian noise-rock trio KEN mode are set to release their anticipated new full-length, Loved, on August 31st via Season of Mist. After revealing the LP's scathing first single "He Doesn't Feel Pain Like He Should" last month, the threesome have unleashed another new song, "Feathers & Lips." With its bone-crushing metalcore breakdowns, swampy bass and screeching feedback, the new ripper proves even more lethal than its predecessor; the same goes for its accompanying music video: a straightforward performance clip viewed through a warped, deteriorating lens. 

There's a reason behind KEN mode's madness on "Feathers & Lips," though. Providing a description of the track, guitarist/vocalist Jesse Matthewson framed the new song as a reflection on political extremism. 

"I've never understood why so many of the most aggressive and extreme/cruel political figures are also the least likely candidates to win in an actual fight. This isn't exclusive to either side of the spectrum. There's a hole in these people that is being filled with being a dick to — and/or trying to control — other humans with some of the most irrational bullshit. And their voices are always the ones being heard, because they tend to be yelling the loudest."

Pre-order KEN mode's new album Loved here.