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Hear Khemmis Side Project Glacial Tomb's New Blackened Death-Metal Ripper

Guitarist/vocalist Ben Hutcherson’s new group debuts "Breath of Pestilence" from forthcoming self-titled LP

Glacial Tomb is a new project featuring Khemmis guitarist/vocalist Ben Hutcherson, yet this animal follows a completely different path musically. Instead of melodicism and soaring guitar lines, Glacial Tomb opts for slash and burn, mixing in d-beat, black metal, hardcore and death metal to create a new hybrid of hate.

Hutcherson points to life's relentless brutality as the main inspiration for the band's forthcoming self-titled LP. "Years of loss, pain, and visceral disgust with this world allowed us to create these songs," he says. "This album was born of suffering, as each of us lost loved ones while writing this record — fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and partners. This album was also born of hope, a genuine belief that humankind's capacities for both the light and the dark will allow us to cast aside the bonds of selfishness and greed or succumb to them and be forgotten by time, buried beneath the steel and concrete. In our minds, both are equally beautiful."

The first release is "Breath of Pestilence," which makes it's debut above today. The track — a d-beat–leaning, black metal–influenced monster that would fit perfectly on a Craft LP if it weren't for the death-metal vocals — roars like a bulldozer and remains steadfast in it's distaste for humanity. Join the campaign by streaming the track below, and order the LP via Gilead Media