Hear Kid Bookie's New Banger "On My Rock" With Good Charlotte's Billy Martin | Revolver

Hear Kid Bookie's New Banger "On My Rock" With Good Charlotte's Billy Martin

Corey Taylor-approved rapper teams with "huge inspiration"
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U.K. rapper Kid Bookie is well on his way to collaborating with all his rock & roll heroes. Last year, he enlisted Slipknot's Corey Taylor for a "heavier" update of "Stuck in My Ways," a song off his 2018 release Shake Up. Revolver premiered the revamped version's music video, and today (July 1st), we've teamed with Bookie again to unveil his latest rock team-up, with Good Charlotte guitarist and keyboardist Billy Martin. In a roundabout way, the new single, "On My Rock" — which you can check out below — is connected to the Taylor-assisted revamp of "Stuck in My Ways."

Bookie explains: "During the BTS filming for 'Stuck in My Ways,' MTV came down to interview me for one of their programs, I was talking about all my favorite influences and I dropped Good Charlotte as a huge inspiration tool for me. Fast forward a few months, Billy's fucking producing and we're connecting with each other and I'm showing him, 'Hey, look, I fucking said I love you guys in this shit.' I don't know if that's the power of thought fruition — either way, it's a sonic piece on feeling alienated for your choices, musically, personally, anything, just the battle of isolation and feeling alone in a huge world."

Kid Bookie has been on a roll lately. In May, he premiered the hard-hitting single "Say It With Your Chest," featuring D.C. rapper Kamiyada+, and then in June, he offered up the moody, introspective "Liquor, Sex and Weed." For its part, "On My Rock" rides a chill, guitar-laced beat atop which Bookie showcases a rapid-fire flow before unfurling the song's infectious sung chorus.

Up next for Bookie, new music featuring another Slipknot member: DJ Sid Wilson. Stay tuned.