Hear Korn's Munky Team With XHOANA X on Sultry New Song "GIRLGUN" | Revolver

Hear Korn's Munky Team With XHOANA X on Sultry New Song "GIRLGUN"

Guitarist brings heavy riffing to sister-in-law's latest single

Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer has lent his signature downtuned heavy riffery to a new song from electro-pop artist XHOANA X, who also just happens to be his sister-in-law. Titled "GIRLGUN," the dark, sultry single — also featuring Chris Hunt — swirls around XHOANA X's smoky vocals, with Munky coming in around the 45-second mark to give the cut some chugging propulsion. Check it out above.

"GIRLGUN !!! She's live! She's loud! Finally!" XHOANA X commented in an Instagram post. "This little project started about 5 years ago (2017) when I reached out to @chris_hunt_0 based on a project of his that our mutual friend @raldez had shared. GG evolved from a poem/song I'd written back in 2015/16 titled 'A Girl Is A Gun'.. It bounced back and forth from LA to Atlanta until we finished it in 2020 in Florida! Grateful to have @munky_korn light this on fire and grateful for Hunt for helping me bring this vision to life with this collaboration!"

This isn't the first time Munky has collaborated with XHOANA X: He previously appeared in the music video for her song "Deepest Pleasure" along with his wife (and her sister) actress Evis Xheneti. You can watch that below.