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Hear Lacuna Coil Issue Cry for Help on Emotional New Song "Save Me"

Cristina Scabbia: "People are just afraid to talk about their problems ... which can be foolish"

Lacuna Coil have released one final teaser single before the upcoming October 11th release of their ninth studio album Black Anima, and it faces head-on the dark times the band sustained between this and their last release together. 

"Save Me" is a powerfully emotional track that features singer Cristina Scabbia belting out lyrics that touch on grief, pain, and begging for help during a dark period like the one before this record in which she lost both of her parents — which the singer detailed at length for Revolver when she sat for an intensely personal tarot card reading. Scabbia also recently explained to Billboard the song is "basically screaming for help – but like, a silent scream, because a lot of people are just afraid to talk about their problems. They like better to keep things to themselves and see if they can find a solution without any help, which can be foolish."

Lacuna Coil are currently on an extensive tour that currently includes All That Remains through October 10th, and will pick up with Bad Omens, Eximious, and Uncured for the remainder of their October U.S. dates. After that, the Italian alt-metal outfit will head back to their native Europe for a whirlwind run that sees them through the end of the year, finishing up on December 21st in Hamburg, Germany. 

Find a full list of tour dates here, and pre-order your copy of Black Anima in any format at this location

Track listing: 

1. Anima Nera (02:29)
2. Sword Of Anger (03:54)
3. Reckless (03:06)
4. Layers Of Time (04:07)
5. Apocalypse (04:18)
6. Now Or Never (04:42)
7. Under The Surface (04:13)
8. Veneficium (06:10)
9. The End Is All I Can See (04:17)
10. Save Me (04:36)
11. Black Anima (03:23)