Hear Lamb of God's Ferocious New Song "New Colossal Hate" | Revolver

Hear Lamb of God's Ferocious New Song "New Colossal Hate"

Latest single skewers the politics of division

Fresh off the unveiling of their limited-edition cover of Revolver's Spring 2020 Issue, and the release of their "Ghost Walker" signature non-alcoholic beer, Lamb of God have unleashed the third single off the band's highly anticipated eighth studio album, the aptly titled "New Colossal Hate." The song, which arrives paired with a striking lyric video, tackles the politics of division and the pervasive "othering" of marginalized people: "The melting pot is melting down," LOG vocalist Randy Blythe roars, the no-holds-barred instrumentation perfectly complementing his outrage. Check out the hard-hitting lyrics below.

"'New Colossal Hate' came out of our very first writing session in Maine," guitarist Willie Adler commented of the song. "Mark [Morton, guitar], our producer Josh Wilbur and I were at a super cool studio in South Windham called Halo. An absolutely beautiful spot run by some of the best people I've ever met. I'm pretty sure 'New Colossal Hate' grew from a few different demos I had. You know, like parts of car. However, as it started to take shape, it quickly became my favorite song on the record. Please enjoy this banger of a tune. It holds a very special place in my heart."

LOG recently rescheduled the release of their forthcoming self-titled album — which was originally set to drop on May 8th — to June 19th in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The record is available for pre-order now.

"New Colossal Hate" lyrics:
The mother of exiles stands there weeping 
As her children tear themselves apart 
Knives are out, her thoughts are bleeding 
Blood runs down her welcoming arms 
Her feral brood has turned neglectful 
The chains she broke are rusting closed 
Imprisoned lightning burns forgetful 
Spoiled blind to the light that she holds. 

Lash the tired and kill the poor 
The huddled masses ram the door. 

The new colossal hate arises 
Savage ways, old horizons 
Hate Arises.

Like brazen giants with conquering limbs 
The herd manifesting all that she despised 
Childish amnesia born of privilege 
Selfish mob commits matricide 
Her mild gaze gone stern, fire in her eyes 
Watching her dreams turn into dust 
The beacon dropped, her hand raised up to strike 
Cast them homeless into the tempest. 

Lash the tired and kill the poor. 
The coddled masses slam the golden door. 

The new colossal hate arises 
Savage ways, old horizons 
Out of one a warring many 
A dirty mirror shows the enemy 
New colossal hate arises. 

Broken hope.

The melting pot is melting down 
A pool of slag on poisoned ground 
Choking from the venom's sting 
Pull the fangs, let freedom ring.