Hear LAMB OF GOD's pummeling 'Omens' rarity "Evidence" | Revolver

Hear LAMB OF GOD's pummeling 'Omens' rarity "Evidence"

A previously hard-to-find B-side

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Start stretching you neck now, because Lamb of God have just surprise-released what is for most listeners a brand-new song — and it's heavy as shit.

It's almost one year to the day since the Virginia groove-metallers released Omens, their 11th album, and the band are marking the occasion with "Evidence," a pummeling rarity that sounds like it could fit on any of the band's records from the last 20 years.

Recorded during the Omens sessions, "Evidence" was initially a bonus track exclusive to the Japanese version of the album, but now Lamb of God are unleashing it for all their fans around to the world to enjoy. Blast it above via YouTube.

"One of the more baffling aspects of modern-day life is the conscious rejection of empirical facts in favor of Internet echo chamber emotional security blankets," LOG frontman Randy Blythe commented of "Evidence." "Truth is not subjective, no matter how uncomfortable that makes some people. Art is though, so enjoy the song, however you may choose to interpret it."

On top of the new song, Lamb of God have announced the wide release of their mini documentary, Making of: Omens, which was only available to fans who purchased limited-capacity viewing tickets last fall.

The doc will premiere on Lamb of God's YouTube channel tomorrow. Check it out then below.