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Hear Lamb of God's Rare 'Ashes' B-Side "Another Nail for Your Coffin"

Virginian metal outfit's exploratory cut appears on new 'Ashes of the Wake' reissue

Richmond, Virginia, metal leaders Lamb of God are celebrating the 15-year anniversary of their major label debut, Ashes of the Wake, in style with a reissue of the LP featuring a few previously unreleased demo versions of album cuts, as well as a brutally melodic B-side titled "Another Nail for Your Coffin." 

"Sometimes the reason songs get left off really just comes down to a vote," guitarist Mark Morton explained to Loudwire. "As I recall, there was some apprehension after I introduced that song, musically. The outro is this really soaring, kind of melodic, almost major-key piece. At the time, I think that some of the band members were a little apprehensive about stepping out of our lane to that degree."

When propped against the record's other, more explosively angry and straight-ahead protest tracks, "Another Nail" does ring out a bit exploratory with its soaring outro and the hopeful attitude of the song's latter half. While it was released as a bonus on the Japanese version of the record, it's been harder to find back home in the American market. Stream the track in full above.