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Hear Ledge Confront Addiction on Furious New Powerviolence Song "We Suffer"

Former Weekend Nachos frontman John Hoffman delivers scathing commentary on latest solo single
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photograph by Susan J. Hobson

John Hoffman was not only a key member of Weekend Nachos, but he also played a pivotal role in Harm's Way's early development. And now with the 'Chos gone, he has turned his focus to Ledge, his powerviolence solo project.

Ledge is readying their new LP, All I Hope For, for release via Translation Loss on August 30th and the latest single is "We Suffer," a track that opens with a chainsaw-like hardcore section, before breaking into a grinding part straight out of the Infest playbook and then into an extended Crowbar-esque sludge part to top it all off. Despite all of the tempo changes, the track never loses steam — it just gains hatred and builds fury for the duration of its 1:51 running time. 


"The song 'We Suffer' is about addiction and the toll it takes on family and friends," says Hoffman. "It was meant to capture that point where hurt turns into resentment. You sacrifice your own time and energy to care for someone you love but end up taking their abuse and neglect for so long that you start to see the forest for the trees. Whether you want to or not, you reach a point of unfairness where you choose to move on with your own life. This is the first time straight edge has ever influenced a Ledge song. That aspect of my personality is not normally present in my lyrics or ideas, but it was definitely burning inside me when I wrote 'We Suffer.'"

Check it out below for the first time and order yours via Translation Loss on August 30th.