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Hear Limp Bizkit's Funky "Dad Vibes": First New Song in 7 Years

Nu-metal eccentrics drop studio version of fly father anthem debuted at Lollapalooza

Limp Bizkit are keeping the dad vibes rollin'. Over the summer, Fred Durst and Co. debuted a new song and a new look during their viral set at Lollapalooza, which featured Durst's striking makeover from red-capped schoolyard bully to gray-haired, chino-clad father figure. 

While the majority of their performance focused on hits like "Break Stuff" and "Nookie," the nu-metal eccentrics also played a new song called "Dad Vibes" that they've now released as a proper single.

Marking Limp Bizkit's first new music in seven years, the track is a transparently goofy and light-hearted cut that boasts lines like, "Dad got the sag in the back with a drip/Come and get a sip," and, "Check out your dad with the swag on the floor/Momma gonna brag when I walk in the door." 

It doesn't have the ferocity of the band's older material, and Durst opts for a more measured rap delivery compared to the fire alarm squeal immortalized on "Rollin'," but it's a catchy, funky and admittedly fun song to listen to. Check it out above.